BGALA Sponsors Customer Service Training

Customer Service TrainingThe Bowling Green Area Lodging Association has partnered with the National Corvette Museum to bring in international speaker, Barbara Wold, for two sessions of customer service training. The training is free for anyone whose workplace is a member of the Association.

The sessions are:
Tuesday, March 21 from 2-4pm Central Time
Wednesday, March 22 from 10am-12pm Central Time

National Corvette Museum Conference Center

Ecstatically Happy Customers, Evangelists and Zealots
Move Customers from Mere Satisfaction to Real Advocacy

Have an issue with the word “satisfaction”. Since when is being “satisfied” a good thing? Itʼs a mediocre achievement. You want ecstatically happy customers, evangelists and zealots that tell you everything they love. You want passion – not satisfaction. As a museum professional you rely heavily on word of mouth marketing — do you want just “satisfied” customers? By being able to move customers from being simply satisfied to delighted, then to advocacy, the benefits are enormous.

  • How to define your customerʼs overall experience and journey
  • How to turn customers into advocates
  • How to inspire great performances from your service workforce The goal of the customer experience is to make people want to do business with you, over and over.

Barbara Wold is an internationally known speaker and authority to the retail, consumer, tourism and hospitality industries. More than 40 years of firsthand experience in executive and sales management, marketing and repositioning have made Ms Wold a sought-after speaker. Barbara is an authority on building business through customer driven strategy and maximizing human assets. Her areas of expertise include customer experience, marketing strategy, consumer buying patterns, building business relationships, image, sales and service quality, redevelopment and tourism, which truly make Wold a master. Ms Wold is a highly polished speaker, her presentations are dynamic, content rich, humorous and to the point. She has the ability to captivate audiences with her stories, as she inspires, motivates and educates. Barbaraʼs thought-provoking ideas will renew your groupʼs enthusiasm while keeping your organization motivated and enlightened long after she’s left the floor.

With Barbara Wold, you’ll never get a canned presentation. She researches your distinctive organization, then custom-creates a presentation to address your every need. Whether you need a keynote presentation, a three-hour workshop, or a day long, roll up your sleeves kind of session, you need Barbara Wold. In an average year Ms Wold presents over 50 speeches around the globe and has “WOWED” over 900,000 people from 49 of the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates. Barbara never speaks behind a podium, never bores an audience, she is funny, inspiring and a great storyteller. Plus, she always shows your conference attendees an entirely new way to do businesses that no other speaker has ever shown them.

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