September 12, 2017 Minutes

Attendees: Katie Davenport FIS/TPS, Jane Simmons WKU, Mike Harris, Debbie Eaton NCM, Kacie Hood, Madison Wagner H2, Matthew Boyd CWS, Connie Mason CWS, Angela Turner CWS, Kimberly Pierce HYATT, Ashlyn Smith, Amanda Claxon LRC, Telia Butler, Duncan Hines HGI, Sally Cole HGI, Jenna Smith, Tim Hout, Craig Poland HAMPTON, Tara White HAMPTON, Asmira Memic CIS, Vicki Fitch CVB, Scott Goad GS, Andy Vanmali WSH/EH, Jamie Johnson RAILPARK, Janet Anderson

Attractions Report:

National Corvette Museum:

  • Kentucky Transportation History Exhibit Opening

Lost River Cave:

  • Hosting a Fall Break Camp
  • Scarecrow trail begins September 30 – October 31
    • Lodging Association Scarecrow – Telia was put in charge
  • Hosting the Great American Campout October 22 weekend

Convention and Visitors Bureau:

  • Eclipse Data
    • August 20:
      • 8% Occupancy
      • 34 ADR
      • 90 RevPAR
    • Hired a new PR Manager
    • Launching a Trip Advisor Campaign
    • Chamber Initiative- helping in workforce development efforts help with
      • CPR Certification, Microsoft Excel, Teambuilding, Supervisory Development, OSHA Training

Historic Rail Park:

  • Hosting the Junction Market September 23: various vendors available
  • Haunted Lantern Tour for October 17

Old Business:

  • Walk to end Alzheimer’s we donated $2000

New Business:

  • CFC- November 11- Staff will receive shirts & volunteers needed to sign up
  • SCK Launch- Free Event
    • Hospitality Booth
    • Need a quick activity (similar to hospitality Olympics)
    • Something to do with catering
    • Training is October 11 @ 1pm
    • Looking for volunteers
  • Elections are in October to choose President Elect and one New Board Member
    • New Board Member: GM or Owner and a Warren County Resident
  • Submit Christmas Party bids to Joy until October 3
  • Additional Secure Emails to communicate through hotels regarding sensitive information


Missy Cunningham from Phoenix Rising speaking on tip and ways to spot Human Trafficking victims and how to help them.

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